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MAE produces the AresTM line of acoustical modeling, measurement and design tools.

Ares is a standalone Windows PC program organized into a series of modules. Each module represents a unique tool for either modeling
or measuring the behavior of an acoustical device. The modules work together to provide a complementary set of design tools for devices
such as cellular phones, tablets, microphones, or speaker enclosures.

Acoustic Modeling Module
Models acoustical systems using lumped parameter elements for speakers, volumes, ports,
membranes, resistive cloths, radiating ports, artificial ears, etc. The modeler is fast,
allowing you to build "what if" design scenarios in a few minutes, and perform parameter
sensitivity studies in a fraction of a second with the click of a single button using the
"iterate" feature. It also performs linear frequency domain modeling of linear electrical
components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, op amps, etc., as well as mechanical
components such as masses, springs, dampers, etc.
Contact MAE to obtain a trial version of the modeler.

Surface Impedance Measurement Module (SIMA)
Custom hardware and software for measuring the complex, frequency dependent acoustic surface
impedance into a structure such as a volume, port, horn, or even a person's ear. This is
essentially an acoustical impedance tube that can fit into the palm of your hand.
See the videos section for examples of using the SIMA device.

Frequency Response Measurement Module
Uses a PC's 2 channel sound card to measure the frequency response of a system. Can be used for
a variety of applications such as a speaker, microphone, or the complex transfer function between
two signal points such as the input and output of a telephone system. Computes telephonic metrics
such as RLR (receive loudness rating), SLR (send loudness rating), and TCLw (echo reduction).
Stepped sine, chirp and arbitrary WAV file excitation (such as real speech) are supported.

Speaker Parameterization Service
Proper speaker parameters are critical to achieve accurate acoustic modeling. The parameters
are especially difficult to obtain for the small "micro speakers" used in modern cell phones,
tablets, and headsets. MAE offers a service to parameterize these speakers using a proprietary
modeling technique called Aeroelastic parameters. The Aeroelastic parameters can be imported
into the Acoustic Modeler to improve the high frequency modeling performance.

Coordinate Mapper Module
Loads an image from a file, established a 2D coordinate system for the image, and maps image
locations to the 2D coordinate system. Allows for accurate determination of the coordinates
of objects in the image (such as microphones soldered to a PCB). If the image is a graph,
allows for mapping of a curve data to xy coordinates.

Other MAE products
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MAE111 Wind GeneratorDigitally controlled wind generator for lab microphone wind noise testing
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