MAE - McIntosh Applied Engineering, LLC

Companies using Ares include:
Harmon International
Cirrus Logic
Starkey Hearing Technologies

And of course the Ares tools are used on a daily basis by MAE, so we are constantly advancing the Ares
tools for our customer's needs as well as our own.

MAE exclusively represents Saati acoustic materials and Saati uses the MAE impedance equipment to
acoustically characterize all of their materials. Saati materials are precision woven fabrics that
produce an extremely consistent acoustical impedance for microphone and speaker applications in
cell phones, tablets, headphones, and sports centric consumer electronics devices. Saati produces these
materials with a variety of treatments (water and chemical resistant), colors, and acoustical impedance.

Klippel produces a superb line of nonlinear loudspeaker parameterization equipment used throughout the
loudspeaker industry. Their equipment can simulate the nonlinear distortions and produce real-time audio
simulations of these distortions. Their software interfaces with the Ares modeler and impedance measurement
equipment to expand their simulation capabilities to include the complex acoustical systems that can be
modeled with the Ares Acoustical System.

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